Private Labeling Services:

Intrinsyk’s line of medical devices are available with our branding, in standard packaging sizes suitable for healthcare reimbursement and other market-specific needs. However, we understand many of our customers wish to distribute our products with their own colors, brand name or logo but without paying the premium prices normally associated with this level of customization.

We have the ability to service your Private Labeling needs within our stringent quality system without increasing your costs. So whether its as simple as adding a new language to our Intrinsyk packaging to meet your unique distribution needs or as complicated as producing completely new packaging, resized and re-branded – we have the expertise and infrastructure to hit the ground running.

Intrinsyk has the expertise to assist our Private Label customers with:
• Complete project management
• Unique packaging design & labeling development, including user instructions for use
• Taking your camera-ready artwork or packaging design from the ground up
• Translation services
• Efficient manufacturing
• International product registrations
• Forecasting
• International logistics & shipping

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