Intrinsyk Medical Devices – Direct Sales:

We’ve taken our 20+ years of working with customers and end-users and put that experience into our Clinical/Safety and Home-Use medical device line available for Direct Sale… and now – we’re excited to share our Intrinsyk-brand devices with you!

We’re capable of supplying all major distribution channels including the wholesale, retail, and institutional markets. We provide medical devices for the hospital, clinic, emergency, pediatric, long-term care and home environments.

Because we’ve listened closely to our customers’ feedback, our devices are designed with your needs in mind. Our top-quality medical devices are available in a variety of configurations (gauges, depths, packaging sizes, etc.) at very competitive pricing that won’t impact your bottom line.

What you get with Intrinsyk-brand medical devices & services:
• Business partnership with an individual, personal-feel
• Outstanding customer service
Intrinsyk device color/gauge consistency (all Intrinsyk devices that share a specific gauge have the same body color)
• Unique retail packaging that’s sure to be noticed
• Instructions for use for all devices in English, Spanish, French & German
• Forecasting
• International logistics and shipping
• Very competitive pricing (contact for individualized prices)

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