Global Services:

The Intrinsyk team has extensive experience providing medical device design, manufacturing and logistics services to companies large and small, around the world.  As a Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) registered Specification Developer AND Distributor, we’re able to offer Intrinsyk-brand medical devices for Direct Sale or Private Label to the clinical/safety and home-use markets at affordable cost without compromising the quality of our products or services.

We currently provide lancets and lancing devices for single-patient, home-use and for the clinical market, in addition to our popular clinical/safety lancets, we will soon be adding heel-blade devices, syringes, safety syringes, insulin pen needles and safety insulin pen needles to our growing line of medical devices.

In addition to the Direct Sale or Private Labeling of Intrinsyk devices, we offer a full range of OEM/ODM services (Original Equipment Manufacturing / Original Design Manufacturing) to take your idea from a concept to a reality.

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