Trigger-Activated 26g


Trigger-Activated Clinical/Safety Lancet
26g / 1.8mm

International & US patents pending

100-count box: cat. No. NT-TA26-100
50-count box: cat. No. NT-TA26-050


ISO 13485:2003, CE, and Canada CMDCAS certified and licensed.

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Features & Benefits:

• simple one-step function
• non-reuse safety feature to avoid unwanted needlestick injuries and prevent cross-infections
• smooth, auto-polished, tri-bevel needle point to maximize comfort
• packaging and instructions for use in English, Spanish, French & German
• sterile (sterility is maintained until the Protective Tab is removed)
• gauges are color-coded for easy recognition
• available in 5 penetration depths and needle gauges to help meet your sampling needs
• also available in a 50 count box and 10 count polybag
• additional gauges, depths and colors available for Private Label use to help meet your specific market needs

Instructions for Use:

• Clean test site prior to use.
• Firmly holding body of device, press down on protective orange tab and twist off.
• Place device firmly on test site and press trigger.
• After use dispose into appropriate “sharps” container.

Download Solace – Trigger-Activated Clinical/Safety Lancet information PDF

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