Secure Lancet 30g


Single-Patient/Home-Use Lancet


100-count box: cat. No. NT-LN30-100
50-count box: cat. No. NT-LN30-050


ISO 13485:2003, CE, and Canada CMDCAS certified and licensed.

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Features & Benefits:

• tri-bevel needle point to maximize comfort
• available in 7 sizes allowing you to choose the most comfortable gauge for your customers
• packaging and instructions for use in English, Spanish, French & German
• sterile (sterility is maintained until the Protective Cap is removed)
• gauges are color-coded for easy recognition
• also available in 50 and 200 count boxes and a 10 count polybag
• additional gauges and colors available for Private Label use to help meet your specific market needs

Instructions for Use:

• Wash hands with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly.
• Carefully insert lancet into the lancing device.
• Twist and pull off round protective cap.
• Dispose of lancet into a “sharps” container immediately after single use.
• Sterility of lancet tip is maintained until protective cap is removed.

Download Secure – Single-Use Lancet information PDF

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