Poise Lancing Device Armed Indicator


Ejector Lancing Device with Armed Indicator
5 depth settings

cat. No. NT-LABX-1


ISO 13485:2003 certified and licensed.

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Features & Benefits:

• 5 adjustable depth settings help to optimize both comfort and blood sample size
• lancet ejection to avoid unwanted needlestick injuries and prevent cross-infections
• armed indicator window lets you know when your Poise device is ready for lancing
• packaging and instructions for use in English, Spanish, French & German
• packaged individually with IFU in a retail box or polybag
• additional packaging and colors available for Private Label use to help meet your specific market needs
• clear end cap available for Alternative Site Testing (AST)**

* Product shown, not available in the U.S.

** Consult your healthcare professional and test strip instructions for use before you sample from an alternative test site.

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