AllayTM Preemie

Neonatal/Infant Heel Blade Safety Lancets

50-count box: cat. No. NT-HBPR-050


U.S. Patent No. D728,787 Ⓓ Intrinsyk, LLC
Other U.S. & international patents pending.

ISO 13485:2003 certified and licensed.

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Features & Benefits:

• “Sweeping” blade incision causes less trauma than “Puncture” type devices
• available in different depths/widths of cut for individual needs
• single-use only, auto-disabling to prevent unwanted sharps injuries
• arrow on bottom helps accurately align target area
• patented ergonomic anti-slip grip helps reduce chance of unwanted bruising
• easy-to-remove safety tab prevents firing prior to use
• packaging and instructions for use in English, Spanish, French & German
• sterile, individually packaged, non-porous material
• custom colors and packaging available for Private Label


Download Allay – Neonatal/Infant Heel Blade Safety Lancet information PDF

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