AllayTM Standard

Neonatal/Infant Heel Blade Safety Lancets

50-count box: cat. No. NT-HBST-050


U.S. Patent No. D728,787 Ⓓ Intrinsyk, LLC
Other U.S. & international patents pending.

ISO 13485:2003 and CE certified and licensed.

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Features & Benefits:

• “Sweeping” blade incision causes less trauma than “Puncture” type devices
• available in different depths/widths of cut for individual needs
• single-use only, auto-disabling to prevent unwanted sharps injuries
• arrow on bottom helps accurately align target area
• patented ergonomic anti-slip grip helps reduce chance of unwanted bruising
• easy-to-remove safety tab prevents firing prior to use
• packaging and instructions for use in English, Spanish, French & German
• sterile, individually packaged, non-porous material
• custom colors and packaging available for Private Label

Instructions for Use:

• Select an incision site on the flat bottom, outside edge of the heel and clean the site. Site should be warm, pink and free from scars, cuts or rashes. DO NOT puncture the posterior curvature of the heel.
• Remove the orange trigger safety tab.
• Gently press the blade-slot surface flush to the skin, aligning the raised arrow cut indicator with the center of the incision site.
• Depress the white trigger button.
• Carefully wipe away the first drop of blood, and then collect desired blood sample.

Download Allay – Neonatal/Infant Heel Blade Safety Lancet information PDF

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